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“Christmas Pilgrimage”

A Christian Romance and Suspense novel set during a trip to the Holy Land.

Liz and her daddy were to go together on the trip, fulfilling a dream. But his death six weeks ago nearly kept her from going. 

Derek was supposed to travel with his seminary class, but was denied without explanation.

They meet on a trans-Atlantic jetliner, but will their pasts push them apart, even get them killed, before they can find forever love?

A story of romance, intrigue, and inspiration, walking in the footsteps of Jesus.

From the author of “Hanging On In An Upside Down World,” “Living Right Side Up,” “The Messengers” series, “Unseen Warfare,” and “Last Week of Jesus of Nazareth.”

“Christian Romance,” “Holy Land,” “Sharing Your Faith.”

360 pages, published November 28, 2023

“Words of Jesus” series

“Hanging On In An Upside Down World: How Jesus Takes You From Your Worst To Your Best”

What do you do when your world turns upside down? You lose your job? The test report comes back “Cancer”? Your spouse wants a divorce? Your child dies? When things that brought you happiness, fulfillment, security, and a preferred future are gone? What do you do?

Fortunately, there is an answer, one that countless people have found not only to be effective, but a life transformed as well. It was first discovered two thousand years ago when on a Friday, it seemed as if evil had won, and all hope for humanity had died. Then on Sunday, everything changed. No more despair, sorrow, or uncertainty. Humanity was given new hope, joy, and a future – all through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter Sunday changed everything. Through the stories of people’s lives, find out how Jesus can help you in your upside down world.

“Spiritual Growth”, “Troubles in Life”, “Easter to Pentecost”

241 pages, published July 11, 2020

There is a Small Group Discussion Guide available.

“Living Right Side Up: Jesus’ Guidelines For A New Life”

Jesus can take your upside down world and make it right side up.

But what does He have to say about moving on, being better, living His kind of life? That’s the big question, because each of us were accustomed to upside down living before we met Christ. What is this new life after Jesus?

“Living Right Side Up: Jesus’ Guidelines For A New Life” offers us guidance, a pathway, a vision, for living the kind of life God intended, told to us by His only Son. In the greatest sermon ever preached, by the greatest preacher who ever preached, we discover exactly what it means to live right side up, the kind of life Jesus wants us to live.

“Sermon on the Mount”, “Christian Discipleship”, “Spiritual Growth”

314 pages, published July 16, 2021

“The Messengers” series

“The Messengers: Advent”

Jacob Rush stood at the top of the staircase of the schoolhouse, not knowing what to do. He felt alone, neglected, and unloved. But a chance meeting began a journey of discovery, restoration, and the opportunity for a new life.

Beginning in 1821, Jacob learns what it means to be a friend, a son, and a child of God.

“The Messengers: Advent” is the first of a series of tales that follows Jacob on his quest to share with others the news of the love of God and abundant life offered by Jesus Christ.

“Christian Historical Fiction”, “Historical Fiction”, “Coming of Age”, “Young Reader”

279 pages, published September 22, 2021


“The Messengers: Bridges”

Jacob Rush has found a new life in Christ. With his family and friends, he begins to discover what a disciple of Jesus is like.

“The Messengers: Bridges” is the second of the series and continues the story of Jacob , Keela, and the rest of their families and friends from Welcome. There are new experiences, challenges, friends, and a new perspective on Jacob’s growing faith.

Beginning in the 1820’s, Jacob learns what it means to be a friend, a man, and a child of God.

“Christian Historical Fiction”, “Historical Fiction”, “Coming of Age”, “Young Reader”

299 pages, published February 25, 2022

“The Messengers: Crisis”

Jacob Rush, his best friend Keela Flanagan, and their friends face a crisis, something that will threaten their relationships, faith, even their lives.

“The Messengers: Crisis” is the third installment of this Christian historical fiction tale.

“Christian Historical Fiction”,  “Historical Fiction”, “Coming of Age”, “Young Reader”

329 pages, published January 16, 2023

“Unseen Warfare”

Unseen WarfareThere is a war going on, and most people don’t even know it. It’s not reported on the internet or television, yet it is there. You don’t see bombed out buildings or wrecked military hardware, only the destroyed lives and the cemetery headstones.

It is supernatural, fought between beings as ancient as time. It is all around us… and yet unseen. 

Faith Hudson has been visited by angels, who gave her a message: the end is coming. She passes the news to her pastor, Tim Grimes, who struggles to comprehend the meaning. He comes to realize the truth: that an unseen spiritual battle is going on all around everyone, including himself, his family, his friends, and the consequences are eternal.

From the author of the “Words of Jesus” and “The Messengers” series comes this gripping tale of spiritual warfare which threatens our lives and our eternal souls.

“Christian Fiction”, “Spiritual Warfare”, “End Times”

265 pages, published October 24, 2022


“The Last Week of Jesus of Nazareth”

Last WeekHoly Week.

Including the bookend Sundays, these are the most sacred eight days of the year for Christians.

Also called Passion Week, it is Jesus’ final trip to Jerusalem. It has great highs, devastating lows, then a history changing climax. We find here the crux of the Christian faith between the two Sundays.

“The Last Week of Jesus of Nazareth” is an in-depth look at Jesus’ final days in Jerusalem. From Palm Sunday, through Good Friday, to Easter Sunday, this book pulls together the Gospel narratives as they describe the most important week of all history.

Learn what happened during those days and discover the love of God demonstrated on “an old rugged cross.”

“Bible Study”, “Holy Week:

228 pages, published March 22, 2023